An Incorporated Quilt Maker in McKinney, TX


Turning memories into keepsakes is what we do here at RAE SEW CREATIVE. We are an incorporated business in McKinney, TX that has been making handmade, custom quilts and pillows for more than 7 years. We provide quilts for various occasions to clients nationwide.

Learn More About Our Quilt Making and Ordering Processes


How Many T-shirts?

It’s hard to say; it all depends on your specific clothing items. The numbers needed are only an approximation of the number of T-shirts, sweatshirts, or other clothing items it may take to make a quilt of that size. You may need more items if the designs on your T-shirts are small. Or you may need fewer if the designs on your T-shirts are large. Count each graphic on the shirts. If you have shirts with small designs on just one side, you may need more shirts. We take photos of the items you send and determine what size of a quilt they make. We will contact you and tell you the dimensions of the quilt that your items can make. You can agree to the size/price of the quilt or you can add or remove items so the quilt is the size/price you would like:

  • 52” x 52” (Lap/Throw) 15-20 Shirts - $310 
  • 52" x 68" (Large lap/Throw) 18-25 Shirts - $407 
  • 68" x 68" (Throw for Two) 20-30 Shirts - $532 
  • 63" x 86" (Twin) 25-35 Shirts - $623 
  • 63" x 92" (Twin XL) 30-40 Shirts - $666 
  • 78" x 86" (Full) 35-45 Shirts - $771 
  • 78” x 98” (Long Full) 40-50 Shirts - $879 
  • 84" x 92" (Queen) 45-55 Shirts - $888 
  • 100” x 92” (King) 55-65 Shirts - $1,058 
  • 96" x 96" (Cal King) 55-65 Shirts - $1,059 

Too Many T-Shirts?

When you have a lot of T-shirts and only want a small quilt, you will need to make some choices:

  • Make the quilt larger 
  • Remove some pieces. If you know ahead of time that you might have too many T-shirts for the size quilt you are looking for, you can do a few things. 
  • Pack your T-shirts into sets. The first set would be the T-shirts that must go into the quilt. The second grouping would be T-shirts that we can cut from if we need to make your quilt larger. Keep in mind that if we don’t use them and you want them back, there may be a shipping charge to get them back. 
  • You can tell us what to remove. 


Too Few T-shirts?


Do you need to make your T-shirts go further? You have a few options:

We can cut your T-shirts “big”. This means that there is more space around the design than we would normally cut.

A border can be added around the quilt to make the quilt larger. 

Our Process

Once the deposit is paid, our physical address will be supplied for the garments to be shipped. 

We’ll let you know when your box arrives. 

We’ll photograph your items, put them into our design software, and determine how big of a quilt they will make. 

When the size/price is approved, we require that the deposit be brought up to 50% of the total purchase price. 

Once paid, we'll produce a design to deliver to you for approval. 

After you have approved, we’ll create the quilt. 

Upon completion, we’ll provide photos of the completed quilt. 

We’ll create a final listing for the remaining balance. 

When the balance is paid, we'll ship out your quilt.